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Master 700 Director


An experienced vocal coach, musical director, teacher, music judge, and clinician, Vickie encourages confidence and belief in self, conveys high expectations for musical excellence, nurtures spirits, and boosts self-discovery in ways that help singers grow and accomplish at high levels. Her greatest joy is celebrating the successes of those she is privileged to work with. 

Master Director 700 Vickie is highly respected in the Sweet Adelines International organization. She serves on the International Board of Directors, has earned Certified International Faculty rank, is a Certified Expression Category judge, and is a veteran Rocky Mountain Region 8 faculty member. 

Vickie’s influence is far-reaching. She is known worldwide for her vivacious energy, exceptional positivity, and a frank, yet loving and supportive teaching approach. She’s a highly sought-after vocal coach and clinician known for helping singers “find their voices”—both literally and figuratively through a unique and highly engaging teaching style. Vickie coaches numerous choruses and quartets around the world in addition to maintaining a busy private voice studio.

Her teaching repertoire is expansive. Vocal production, the psychology of performance, understanding how the Expression Category affects performance, the art of expressive singing, singing with freedom, resonance, and ring, and preparing for success are touchstone classes. Vickie’s classes on leadership, effective musical and administrative team development, empowering women, and identifying and supporting new and emerging leaders are consistent learner favorites. 

In 2016, Vickie was named the international judging program’s Expression Category Specialist. Through this role she provides guidance and direction to veteran and novice judges and bears collaborative responsibility for ensuring the high standards and integrity of the international judging program are upheld.

Vickie has been the Denver-based Skyline Chorus’s musical director since 1984. Inspired by her exceptional leadership, positive energy, passion for the artform, and unconditional love, Skyline has achieved an impressive competition record winning 15 regional competitions and ranking in the top 5 Sweet Adelines International choruses since 2004. 

In 2011, Vickie earned a spot in the elite “Master 700 Directors” club joining only a handful of directors around the world to score over 700 points in competition. Vickie’s imaginative vision also sparks Skyline’s high quality musical productions staged in Denver’s greatest performance venues and featuring creative collaborations with a wide variety of Denver’s exceptional musical artists. 

A quartet singer throughout her Sweet Adelines International journey, Vickie is a seven-time regional quartet champion and has reached the International Top 15 quartet finalists on several occasions.

Vickie’s complete class list and marketing/publicity materials can be found on her LinkedIn site: www.linkedin.com/in/vickiemaybury. The complete class list is also found on the Sweet Adelines International website in the International Faculty section.

Contact Vickie: [email protected]