Looking for a smaller group to entertain at your show, business or get-together?
Take a look at our list of ensembles for hire!

Ruby Blue, 2016 Region 8 First Place Quartet Medalist

Affiliation: High Country, Skyline & CAL
City: Denver, CO
Tenor: Cindy Wadsley
Lead: Heather Tavel
Bari: Rebecca Richards
Bass: Jocelyn Nguyen


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De'Ja'Vu, 2016 Region 8 Audience Favorite

Affiliation: Skyline
City: Denver, CO
Tenor: Julie Trujillo
Lead: Amy Herting
Bari: Karen Duehr
Bass: Laura Hudson
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Four to the Bar

Affiliation: Skyline & High Country
City: Denver, CO
Tenor: Gail Shannon
Lead: JC Ford
Bari: Trudy Pardee
Bass: Debby Hartke
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Free Fallin'

Affiliation: Skyline & Velvet Hills
City: Colorado Springs, CO
Tenor: Robin Petrovich
Lead: Suzi Johnsen
Bari: Laura Schafer
Bass: Andrea Hass
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SO Jazz'd

Affiliation: Skyline & Velvet Hills
City: Denver, CO
Tenor: Cathy Wehrwein
Lead: Paige Sgrignoli
Bari: Judy Windey
Bass: Leslie Forsyth

SO Jazz’d is just that! We love music, and we love performing for all kinds of audiences!
With well over 50 years of experience between us, we can offer an amazing performance for you.
We guarantee we’ll leave you feeling “SO Jazz’d” too!

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Affiliation: Skyline
City: Denver, CO
Tenor: Dawn Reddy
Lead: Kiel Morris
Bari: Joni Gailey
Bass: Michelle Barnes
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