Heartsong Foundation

Heartsong is the charitable foundation of Skyline Chorus, established to benefit and empower young singers ages 12 to 25, to help them grow personally and professionally through the study and performance of vocal music. 

Are you 12-25 and love to sing?

We have just the event for you!  We host a FREE one-day festival in the Denver metro area to learn a barbershop song and choreography.  No prep needed…show up and we teach you all of it!  At the end of day, you get to perform for your friends and family.  If you want, you can even perform it again at a later date in front of a larger audience as part of a Skyline concert.  It is pretty thrilling to sing with a 100+ people! Check out the chorus here.

Interested?  Check us out on Instagram or Facebook, or email us at [email protected]

Come to your school?

Yes – we would love to come work with a group at your school!  We can arrange a quartet to do a demonstration or set up a mini-event for a group of students.  

Are you a parent or adult working with young people?

Music education is proven to aid academic and social development.  We aim to give young people opportunities to establish mentoring relationships, build new friendships, gain musical knowledge, and flourish with self-confidence, self-esteem and hope.  Contact us for more information or to register for an event.  Feel free to join us for a rehearsal!

Ways to support Heartsong

Spread the word!  Outreach can help, as well as donating funds.  A donation will help Skyline Chorus, a 501(c)3 organization, with its efforts to reach out to these young people and provide access to music education and performance opportunities.  

Donations can be made through Colorado Gives, or by mailing a check payable to Skyline Chorus to:

Skyline Chorus
PO Box 461272
Denver, CO 80246
Ref: Heartsong Foundation
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