Looking for a smaller group to entertain at your show, business or get-together?
Take a look at our list of ensembles for hire!

Ruby Blue, 2017 Region 8 First Place Quartet Medalist

Affiliation: High Country, Skyline & CAL
City: Denver, CO
Tenor: Cindy Wadsley
Lead: Heather Tavel
Bari: Rebecca Richards
Bass: Jocelyn Nguyen
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Affiliation: Skyline
City: Denver, CO



Affiliation: Skyline
City: Denver, CO
Tenor: Julie Trujillo
Lead: Amy Herting
Bari: Karen Duehr
Bass: Laura Hudson
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Four to the Bar

Affiliation: Skyline & High Country
City: Denver, CO
Tenor: Gail Shannon
Lead: JC Ford
Bari: Trudy Pardee
Bass: Debby Hartke
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Affiliation: Skyline & CAL
City: Denver, CO
Tenor: Dawn Reddy
Lead: Kelli Lind
Bari: Joni Gailey
Bass: Michelle Barnes
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Free Fallin'

Affiliation: Skyline & Velvet Hills
City: Colorado Springs, CO
Tenor: Robin Petrovich
Lead: Suzi Johnsen
Bari: Laura Schafer
Bass: Andrea Hass
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Affiliation: Skyline
City: Aurora, CO

Tenor: Meghan Andrews
Lead: Robin Mickle
Bari: Dawn Hewitt
Bass: Kim Andrews

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Affiliation: Bella Voce, High Country, Skyline
City: Denver, CO

Tenor: Jen Seivert
Lead: Christine Peart
Bari: Leslie Kennedy
Bass: Heather Reimnitz

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