Some of our biggest contributors

CEO or something

2009 to 2011

Tom is like the guy.

Artistic Director

Jane Gomos is our Artistic Director. As such, she is in charge of our artistic direction, creative inspiration, production choices, and...


Assistant Director

Sam is the Assistant Director/Conductor of our amazing invisible choir. Sam has a Masters in Music Education and Fine Arts, and has both...



Tom Adams is our choreographer in residence. While he is a passionate member of the choir, he also happens to be a world-class...


Master 700 Director

An experienced vocal coach, musical director, teacher, music judge, and clinician, Vickie encourages confidence and belief in self,...


Membership Coordinator

Dan is our membership coordinator - if you are a new member to our choir, he's the guy that brings you in, welcomes you and makes you...


President, Board of DIrectors

Marta Philips is the President of our Board of Directors. It's her energy and commitment which drive the Board of Directors to create...